Where to find the activities?

So often I have found myself marvel at how some teachers find the best activities. I always ask them, where did that idea come from!?! Recently, I discovered that there are SO MANY SOURCES OUT THERE! . . . and this is only because teachers take the time to share their ideas with the global mathematics teacher community online. I would like to see more connection between these seemingly single bloggers. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a cohesive list of all the math bloggers? Well, it looks like someone’s already done that! I was so excited to find this link where there is a comprehensive list of mathematics teacher blogs! This means that at this point, there are 347 blogs chock full of potential teaching ideas. So why is this not visible to the average teacher, and why is it that teachers (like me) don’t have the ‘time’ to go through them? It’s overwhelming for me to think that I may never absorb all of those ideas that are out there.

However . . .

The time is now . . .

It’s time to be inspired.

In addition to the above link to blogs, here are some of my current favorites for teaching ideas:
Peter Liljedahl’s Teacher Resources
Dan Meyer Blog
Andrew Stadel’s Estimation180
Robert Kaplinsky’s Problem-Based Lesson Search Engine

Feel free to post your favorites in the comments bar:

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