The more I teach, the more I am fascinated by the behaviours and activities associated with learning, and with mathematical thinking.

I take interest in environments that occasion mathematical thinking, the role of autonomy in mathematics classrooms, affective aspects of learning mathematics, and mathematics teacher professional growth. My research interests include environments that occasion mathematical thinking and engagement, the role of autonomy in classrooms, affective aspects of learning mathematics, mathematics teacher professional growth, and self-organized professional learning communities (including those formed via social media) along with the generative possibilities of such spaces.

I’m currently an associate professor at the University of the Fraser Valley, where I teach mathematics, mathematics methods, and math for teachers’ courses. I also regularly consult with various school districts and functions, via talks and workshops, as well as at academic conferences.

You can find more of my scholarly work on my ResearchGate Profile and other musings and links via my account on Twitter at @JudytaLarsen.

Here are some media posts that reveal more about my interests and aims:

Feel free to contact me via this form:

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