EDUC 435 Fall 2017

 Course files and links of interest.

Class summaries and homework updates.

Class 1 – Aug. 24: Doing mathematics

  • Summary (includes Graph Game, Skyscrapers, and a bit on flow)
  • Homework (includes Van de Walle Ch 2 and Lockhart’s Lament)

Class 2 – Aug. 28: Competencies and Content

  • Summary and Homework (includes Pixel Problem, Lamppost Problem, Nested Squares, more on the five strands, and part of Van de Walle Ch 3)

Class 3 – Aug. 30: Rich Tasks

  • Summary and Homework (includes Stacking Squares link, 3 types of questions, ‘what makes a rich task’ reading, ‘thinking like a mathematician’ reading, ‘arbitrary and necessary’ reading, and a link to the 100 days of summer challenge by
  • Pythagorean Theorem Water Demo Video

Class 4 – Sept. 1: Planning to Occasion Mathematical Learning

  • Summary and Homework (includes four components of good math teaching, links to readings on real world vs fake world, mathematical modelling, and developing the question from Dan Meyer, links to the circle/angular velocity connected lesson resources, links to more resources for finding activity ideas, and the pool table problem).
  • PowerPoint with circle lesson videos
  • Resource List (also linked at top of this page)
  • ‘Why’ Questions

Class 5 – Sept. 18: Resources for Mathematical Learning

  • Summary and Homework (includes Barbie Bungee Links, Stacking Cups Links, Desmos Linear Bundle Links, visibly random groups (#vrg) link, ‘studenting’ link, and readings from Dan Meyer on math as the aspirin and ten design principles for engaging math tasks, and from Laura Wheeler on vnps’s as a rescue)

Class 6 – Sept. 20: Thinking Classrooms and Classroom Norms

  • Summary and Homework (includes strategies used in doing mathematics, Skemp’s relational and instrumental understanding, Liljedahl’s thinking classrooms, and the Split 25 problem)
  • PowerPoint with ‘How Old is the Shepherd’ video, relational and instrumental understandingthick understanding, and ‘Thinking Classrooms’ research including vnps data
  • Assignment Details Folder (in the course Google Drive Folder; includes descriptions and rubrics for Assignment 1)

Class 7 – Sept. 25: Rules without Meaning

  • Summary and Homework (includes ‘thinking classrooms’ paper, link, and ‘nix the tricks’ link)
  • PowerPoint with several math mistake scenarios and examples (to be posted)

Class 8 – Sept. 26: Thinking Classrooms in the Field

  • Summary and Homework (includes Ch 6 reading, reflection prompts, the Coin Problem, and sample ‘exit tickets’)

Class 9 – Oct. 3: Thinking Classrooms and Ambiguity

  • Summary and Homework (includes notes from John Mason’s ‘Discipline of Noticing’ and the Escaped Prisoner problem)

Class 10 – Oct. 5: Assessment as Communication

  • Summary and Homework (includes a reflection sheet, a rubric, the as/of/for diagram, comments about assessment, link to Mr. D grading)

Class 11 – Oct. 10: What do we Value?

  • Summary and Homework (includes our values, where you are and where you’re going drawing, and link to math and physics video)

Class 12 – Oct. 11: PlayLand Experience

  • Summary and Homework (includes can skateboarding save our schools video, four purposes of assessmentmyth of objectivity, 60 formative assessment strategies, and portfolio description)