6 thoughts on ““I want to get an A”

  1. Just yesterday a student who had me semester one (which finished recently) came into my room asking about her final grade. 91% I said. The disappointment in her face made my heart sink. All the great learning we did semester one didn’t seem to matter. This mark was just not enough for this student. Disappointing!


    • Looks like disappointing is contagious! I wonder what would have made her satisfied? I assume she had a number in her mind that she expected to hear…a number with no meaning – well it has some sort of meaning in her life, but definitely not a shared meaning between you and the student!


  2. Judy
    This reminds me of a sad story from my last school. At the time of the fall midterm a student asked if she could meet me after school to discuss her grade in my class. I told her I would be happy to meet but that I wanted to conversation to focus on her understanding of Calculus, not on her grade in Calculus. Her response was ‘Colleges know my grade in Calculus, they do not know what I understand’


    • Wow you were on top of where that conversation was going! Great idea to specify that you are willing to discuss understanding not the grade…but her response is so indicative of how systemic this issue is!


  3. I have this conversation with my students regularly. I try to get them to focus on learning…then the grade will follow. If they focus on the grade, they never really learn and that has huge impacts down the road. Tough battle though.


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